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                 "Setting Sail to Financial Freedom"

Hello my name is Kaz Deris, and I am contacting you from the Local Regional Office of Ocean Pointe Insurance Solutions LLC. Ocean Pointe Insurance Solutions is currently looking to expand our local operation by selecting an exclusive group of new Life Insurance Agents. We are looking for driven individuals ready to take hold of their future to secure a strong financial outlook for themselves and their clients.

We need more agents to expand in your area, to handle the large volume of new customers. This is why I am reaching out to you today.

Even with today's economic climate, Life Insurance is the way to go, especially with Ocean Pointe Insurance Solutions LLC!

Top reasons why Ocean Pointe Insurance Solutions LLC is leading the way:

  • We Pay Very Competitive Compensation!
  • Vested Upon Hire!
  • We Provide Leads!
  • Non-Exclusive Agents!
  • No Signup Cost!
  • And Much Much More

Taking advantage of the right opportunity with a strong strategy in mind can help you secure a long lasting and stable financial future. This is where Ocean Pointe Insurance Solutions LLC comes in, with our intensive training and tools available, we can help you and your team to grow to new heights and prosperity.

Would you like to finally take control of your financial future, and have the life you've always dreamed? Now is the time to take action of this life changing invitation!

We are very interested in offering you an amazing opportunity, there is no catch, no upfront cost, or obligations. If you feel that this is a right fit for you and your goals, then please call me immediately to schedule an interview at (310)528-9784!

Kazem Deris

Chief Executive Officer

Southern California Office

Ph: (310) 528-9784

CA License #OH07387

Have any questions? Give us a call (562) 202 - 5025