Umbrella Insurance Policies with Ocean Pointe Insurance ServicesUmbrella Insurance:

The lack of adequate liability coverage is the most common mistake we see when we are reviewing insurance policies with our clients.  Although liability claims tend to occur infrequently, when they do occur they are usually severe and can be financially devastating.

In our society today it seems like lawsuits are becoming more and more common, and million-dollar judgments have become the norm.  The liability coverage provided by your auto, home, and watercraft policies protect you, but it may not be enough in the event of a lawsuit.

An Umbrella insurance is the easy solution to this!

An Umbrella policy, also called an excess liability policy, supplements the liability coverage that your primary auto, home, and other eligible policies provide by adding an extra layer of protection.  If your primary insurance policy liability limits are used up, an Umbrella policy will provide excess liability coverage up to the limit of insurance you choose.  The liability coverage provided by the Umbrella policy covers your listed auto(s), home(s), boat(s), and other eligible exposures.

An Umbrella Insurance is usually quite inexpensive, particularly considering the amount of insurance they provideyou with.  And when we package your Umbrella Insurance policy with your auto, home, boat, and other insurance policies the discounts can be substantial!  Contact us about Personal Umbrella Insurance today!

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